28 Sep
Chief Accountant (Casablanca)

Skills : • Leadership : The drive and the ability to communicate direction and to inspire others to work towards common goals. - Supports the team- Promotes/ says positive things about the team to others. Protects the team’s reputation with others. Ensures distribution of tasks is fair. Examines the contribution, skills and knowledge required of groups and specific job roles and ensures jobs are evaluated fairly. • Decision Making : The drive to achieve by taking the most appropriate actions at the right time. - Provides ongoing coaching, delegates-Coaches subordinates and encourages decision making at their own level. Never abdicates responsibility. • Analytical Thinking : The drive to analyse issues and problems logically, to think laterally, to spot trends, possible consequences and determine appropriate action. - Analyses problems - Breaks problems and issues into pieces and considers cause and effect. Determines root cause. • Critical / Challenging : The drive to improve by critically examining what is being done and seeking better alternatives. - Makes you defend your point of view - Provides constructive criticism. Challenges ideas. Adopts a highly logical, rational approach encouraging others to focus on improving systems. • Team Working : The drive to work co-operatively and constructively with others toward shared goals. - Builds team spirit -Does something which makes people feel good about the team. Celebrates team achievement. Works hard to develop team performance. Is key to developing team spirit. • Ability to cope with Complexity : The drive to deal with complex inter-relationships between a number of concurrent events - Analyses complex events and responds appropriately - Analyse complex situations. Determine root causes. Understa


Master’s degree in finance, accounting or similar.


At least 2 years of management experience in a finance role is essential. Experience working with an airline is an added advantage


• Manages the Accounts team and ensures completion of financial accounts in accordance with Moroccan accounting standards. • Generates monthly financial reporting file after necessary accruals and analysis of major gaps. • Prepares quarterly financial statements in MGAAP and IFRS. • Prepares annual financial reports (in MGAAP and IFRS) • Prepares financial information (ETIC), annual tax applications and payment. • Maintains relationships with auditors so they can complete their mission without reserves. • Validates and process monthly tax applications (VAT, Withholding tax). • Coordinates and finalizes VAT claim folder • Supervises and controls the daily bank & cash situation. • Ensures payments on time for all suppliers. • Supervises and controls bank accounting and bank reconciliations for all banks • Prepares annual tax applications (advance tax, professional tax) • Supervise airport tax applications, payment and updates. • Coordinate with ODC for approvals. • Develops and maintains relationships with banking • Update charts of accounts and finance procedure. • Provides guidance and support to others in the Finance Department, on both cost and revenue issues, in accordance with Air Arabia policies. • Contributes to the development of internal control policies, guidelines, and procedures. • Ensures completion of Revenue accounts in accordance with international accounting standards. • Controls the payments receipt and bank guarantees • Monitors financial activities of the GSAs and travel agents and their payments. • Monitor debtors position of the company • Arranges for debt repayment or establish repayment schedules, based on customers' financial situations. • Records information about financial status of customers and status of collection efforts.